Our Limited SF Beer Week Releases
Events Jan 23, 2018

Our Limited SF Beer Week Releases

Five New Beers From Fort Point Beer Co.

San Francisco Beer Week is almost here, and our brewers have been working on some awesome new beers to commemorate the occasion andsome amazing eventsto showcase them.

People often ask which Fort Point beer is my favorite — I like them all for different reasons, but I have a soft spot for Park, our hoppy wheat beer. It’s a favorite among the entire brewing team — it has just enough juicy hop aroma to scratch the IPA itch but is still light and refreshing. The fact that we are using a rather esoteric bière de garde yeast strain to make a crushable hoppy beer is also intriguing.

Park has always been made solely with Citra hops to create a bright grapefruit and passionfruit flavor. This year we’re taking our favorite hoppy foundation beer in new directions with Mosaic Park and Galaxy Park.

🍺 Mosaic Park will be a lush and juicy deviation from the bright citrus flavors in the original Park. Mosaic has become one of the darling hops of the modern IPA scene because it offers such a depth of flavor — everything from papaya, dark berry, grass and sweet citrus. The tart and snappy malt foundation of Park will accentuate some of the richer fruit flavors, while the bière de garde yeast drives the brighter, floral tones of Mosaic.

🍺 Galaxy Park is going to be a killer explosion of dank tropical flavor from one of Australia’s coolest hop varieties. This hop is known for its gigantic pineapple, passionfruit and citrus zing, and just screams tropical fruit punch. It can also express a cannabis aroma, and a faint reductive petrol essence similar to riesling. Galaxy is a truly complex and beautiful hop that will really shine in a light-bodied, well-structured beer like Park.

One of the best parts of Beer Week is the opportunity to get together with brewery friends and collaborate on one-off specialty beers. This year we are taking part in two very special beer collaborations.

🍺 Clarion Lager is a Vienna-style lager brewed in collaboration with fellow Brewers Guild members Almanac, Standard Deviant, Old Bus Tavern, Southern Pacific, Southpaw, and Woods Cerveceria. Named after the iconic mural covered Mission alley, this refreshing lager is light amber in color with faint hints of coffee and roasted malt. We also partnered with local malthouse Admiral Maltings, who supplied us with the freshly malted Feldblume malt that makes up the majority of this grain bill. A light dose of Motueka hops keep things bright and zesty.

🍺 Prime is a big double IPA full of Citra, Loral, and Azacca hops that we’re brewing in collaboration with HenHouse Brewing Company. Last month, we traveled to Henhouse to brew a massively hoppy pale ale that featured the best of our respective hop selections, this Beer Week we’re hosting the brew day! Collaborations are a great opportunity to try out new brewing techniques — we’ll be experimenting with some huge whirlpool hop additions and early dry-hopping. Our house yeast strain will leave this beer incredibly dry and crushable, while helping to develop its unique hop aromas. (Please note, this beer will be released a few days after the conclusion of SF Beer Week!)

Beer Week is also coinciding with the release of our newest canned beer — Resonance!

🍺 Resonance is a tart and effervescent saison with a light citrus aroma, that is fermented with two distinct yeast strains. The first is a classic French saison strain that helps establish a firm structure and dry finish. This strain also accentuates light spice and fruit aromas. The second strain creates mild tartness and subtle mango and pineapple flavors, as well as a soft, rounded mouthfeel.

We’re really looking forward to sharing these beers with everyone. Make sure to come find us and these delicious beer at our events around the Bay Area. Here’s to a great Beer Week!

Mike Schnebeck is the head brewer at Fort Point Beer Company.

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