Celebrating a Decade of Fort Point
Featured Article Feb 01, 2024

Celebrating a Decade of Fort Point

This year we’re celebrating a big milestone–Fort Point is 10 years old! 
A little over 10 years ago, our team got keys to a Presidio warehouse right on Crissy Field, did some donuts inside to really feel out the space, and started working on what we hoped would become San Francisco's new hometown beer company.
Presidio Brewery
The 10 years that followed brought a lot of firsts: brewing our first tank of beer (Park), getting our first account (Columbus Cafe), landing on the shelves at TJs and Whole Foods, and even seeing our beers on the menus of the very restaurants (like Rich Table, Cotogna, and Delfina) that inspired us to start in the first place. We did things we thought would be fun, just to see if they'd work: building our own self-distribution model, hand making each of our tap handles, making Kölsch with Scottish Ale yeast...some worked, others didn't. We were always looking for a better way.
Fort Point bottles
We also saw a lot of change. We launched new things we loved (hello, cider!), and retired old favorites (miss you, Export). Again and again, we restructured how we did things to respond to the chaos of the pandemic and the new normal that followed.
Dina at Costco
And while, yes, so much has changed in a decade, there’s still a lot that’s stayed the same. We're still brewing the first beers we ever canned (KSA, Westfalia, Villager). We're still independent and family-owned, and we sell 90% of our beer in the Bay Area. Nearly everything we do is still inspired by the city – its wavy streets, insane golden hours (did y’all see the sky last Sunday??), incomparable bars and restaurants, and community of fellow San Franciscans. 
Fort Point Team
We’re grateful to our dedicated, passionate teammates past and present who have pushed Fort Point towards our north star of being SF's independent hometown brewery. And to anyone who’s ever cracked open a can, put Fort Point on a menu, or stacked our 6-packs on their shelves, thank you.
10 years does feel like a long time, but we hope that it's only the beginning. 
Dina Dobkin
Dina Dobkin