Limited Beers: a New Series from Fort Point
Beer Apr 23, 2021

Limited Beers: a New Series from Fort Point

A new can series that brings you behind the scenes…

Ever wonder where new Fort Point beers come from?

Ideas for beers can come from anywhere — a walk in Golden Gate Park (Park Pale Ale), a road trip through Germany in a van named Ludwig (Westfalia Red Ale), or the realization that there isn’t a balanced enough IPA to pair with a decadent meal (Villager IPA). Of course, after the inspiration comes hard work. We fire up our pilot brewery and start putting our ideas to the test. Not every pilot beer makes it. (Our very first batch of KSA had a distinct and very unintentional “shrimp” flavor.) That said, continuous tinkering gets us to the fun part: once they’re good enough, some of our experiments turn into Limited Beers that we get to share with all of you.

Limited Beers is a series we are launching this spring to bring you behind the scenes and share new recipes we’ve been working on. We’ll be coming out with unique releases throughout the year — they could be riffs on one of our classics, special collab beers, or something new entirely. Everything is on the table, but whatever we make will have the Fort Point philosophy at its core: it’ll be a beer that hits that elusive sweet spot at the intersection of “interesting” and “easy to love,” no matter the style.

Our very first release in the series is no exception! Natural Magic Hazy Pale Ale represents months of research and development with the goal of creating a “go to” Hazy. The recipe includes locally-sourced Feldblume malt from Admiral Maltings, and a large dose of flaked oats to provide a soft canvas. Ripe mango, ruby red grapefruit, and subtle green undertones burst out of the glass from the layered use of expressive American hops.

Some Limited Beers will be one-offs; others may eventually graduate to be part of our more permanent core line-up with a much wider release. We’ll be looking to you for feedback, thoughts and critiques, so follow along, and let us know what you think!As the series name suggests, Limited Beers are special and batch sizes are…well…limited, so keep an eye out. We’ll be pre-releasing 4-packs of the 16oz cans on our home delivery service Fort Point Direct, so you’re guaranteed to find them there first. The cans will also be available at Fort Point locations, and at select bars, restaurants and shops throughout California. We can’t wait to bring you into the fold and show you what we’ve been working on!

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Dina Dobkin is the Chief Brand Officer and Creative Director at Fort Point Beer Company.

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Dina Dobkin